I was looking at these type of brushes on Amazon as they looked like a knock off of the Artis Oval brushes.  Some were as low as $3.99 each.  I happened to run across this one at Winners and after feeling it, I decided to pick it up for the price of $12.99 CAD.  I would bet money that it’s the same as the ones sold on Amazon with a different name stamped on it.

This is not a very large brush, maybe an inch and a half long.  The bristles are extremely dense and soft, but not cut very well.  I’ve had to do a little trimming where some were sticking out further than the others.  Performance is exceptional with this brush, it blends my foundation into my skin wonderfully without streaking.  Every foundation that I have tried with this brush ends up looking flawless.  The handle where it meets the brush head has a little flexibility to it, but not so much much that it’s difficult to use.  It cleans up very well and dries back to it’s original shape.  Although I love using this brush, I feel that any brush with densely packed soft bristles will give the same type of coverage.  I have a Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush that feels exactly like this product and works just the same way, the only difference is the surface area on the ibeauty brush is larger.  If you have the opportunity to pick up one of these knock off brushes, I’d give them a try, I think they are very much worth the money.