My daughter has one of these oil diffusers and once I saw how it worked, I wanted one for my home.  I found this one at GNC while on a trip and paid $39.99 USD for it.

This particular diffuser is on the low end of the price range as I have seen some very beautiful decorative ones priced for well over $100 CAD.  I believe they all work the same though, producing a very ultra fine cool mist from the water in the reservoir and dispersing fragrance depending on the oil put into the water.

The mist has absolutely no dampness associated with it, and just disappates into the air and I find it very relaxing to look at.  I have been running my diffuser almost daily for two months.  Mine runs for about four hours and shuts off when the water is gone.  It’s very easily cleaned, I just use a paper towel to wipe any oil residue off the disk at the bottom, it’s been quite minimal if there has been any at all.

I immediately started collecting some essential and fragrance oils.  The instruction sheet indicated that you could use both and I have had no problems with either kind.  Just a few drops into the water reservoir is needed and you can actually mix essential oils to create your own fragrance.  I used eucalyptus oil when I had a cold and I found it very helpful at night when sleeping to clear my nasal passages.  Peppermint oil in the morning will pep your mood up for sure but I have to admit my very favourite is bergamot.  The amount of scent dispersed into the air will depend on how many drops of oil you use.  I have found that some oils like peppermint will linger in the air for hours after the diffuser is turned off.

A fun feature is that the top will glow with a variety of rotating soft colours.  You are able to turn this feature off or stop at a selected colour.  So far I’m loving my oil diffuser, I think that if you want to use one to benefit from what essential oils can do for you or like me, wanting to fragrance my home with them, this little unit is great.