Matte Gloss?  Not too much of an oxymoron is it?  I had to give it a try!  I picked it up at Walmart for $11.96 CAD.  I was suspecting that it would be exactly like some of the other liquid matte lipsticks that I tried and didn’t like from Revlon and Maybelline, but I was pleasantly surprised.  In the world of liquid matte lipsticks, I’m wondering if the word matte is describing the colour and not the finish.

I picked up the colour 318 Bare Attraction.  First off the scent surprised me, L’Oreal has been known to carry some heavily fragranced lipsticks, but this one smelled lightly sweet, not strong in the least little bit.  Application is easy, one dip of the wand is enough for full lip coverage.  I think if you do multiple layers or use too much it will look shiny like pictured above.  It’s consistancy is more like a whipped mousse formula than a gloss and I was worried that it would stay shiny, but was very happy when moments later it did dry down to a matte texture.  The most surprising thing for me is that even though it looks matte on the lips, it actually feels smooth, comfortable and has some slip to it.  It does not last through eating and drinking (it doesn’t claim to do so) but it does wear away quite gracefully and reapplies very nicely without any buildup.  I’m loving this matte gloss, it’s awfully pretty and I guess it’s a harmless sin to use an oxymoron to describe it.