My e-mail arrived a few days before I actually received my package this month so I knew what I was getting.  I’m okay with that.  Topbox now sends an e-mail description of what you are receiving instead of a card that used to be included inside the bag.  I’m okay with that as well.

I received an Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Mask by Novex.  It’s a pretty good size!  I’ve had another hair mask from this company and it was fine, but nothing spectacular.  This one might be different so I’m happy to try it.  I also received a Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer.  I like Smashbox primers and this one worked well for me but not any better than their regular primer.

I’ve never heard of this brand, Manna Kadar Beauty and I was happy to receive this eyeshadow/highlighter/bronzer.  The bronze colour is very shimmery and shiny, so I won’t be trying it as a bronzer, but for sure as an eyeshadow.  The highlighter is quite lovely and would work well as an eyeshadow as well.  It swatched very nicely and was very smooth to the touch.

A couple of packets with Elizabeth Arden’s Skin Illuminating Brightening Night Capsules were included this month.  I gave one a try and that tiny little capsule held a ton of product.  I would have used half the amount, but I put all of it on my face and it was extremely oily.  I wanted to wash it off my face, but decided to give it a try and by an hour later, it had completely absorbed into my skin.  I’m sure you have to use a few of them to see any results, but with just one use, I didn’t see any changes in my skin. 

I  was excited to see a coupon to Visage for an free eyebrow waxing.  I will be taking advantage of this for sure!  My unruly brows need some serious help and maybe they can help me with them!  I’m quite pleased with what I received this month!