I’m a huge nail polish fan and have acquired a sizeable collection over the years.  I really love holographic polishes but mainstream brands don’t offer the variety I’m looking for.  I ended up on Nail Polish Canada’s website and found some beautiful different polishes.  Some of these polishes come with a hefty price tag and I decided to treat myself to a couple to see if they are worth the price.  Karma is a colour that piCture pOlish made in collaboration with Sveta Sanders who is an incredible nail artist.  It’s a beautiful eggplant colour with scattered holo and I paid $16 CAD for it.

This polish applied beautifully with full opacity in two coats, the brush worked perfectly for me and is a good size.  The holo is slightly visible in normal lighting and gives the polish depth and a magical glow when the light hits it.  In the right lighting or sunlight, the holo shows it rainbow.

I had significant tip wear within the first 12 hours, but 4 days later, it still looks great with no chipping.  This polish had an incredible shine before applying a top coat and with the topcoat it still has impressive shine.  You are not going to find a polish like this on the shelves of a drug store and I’m happy I splurged on this one!