Months ago I regretted not picking one of these oven mitts up and when I went to Dollarama the next time they were all sold out.  I thought that the silicone oven mitt made by Evri would be perfect for cleaning my makeup brushes and the price was right at $3 CAD.  I was lucky to find one a couple of weeks ago and I snapped it up with delight!  Makeup cleaning mats and gloves can be quite pricy, I’ve seen them at $40 CAD and higher.  This oven mitt had good ridges that I thought might be perfect for cleaning my brushes.

I used a gel like brush cleanser by e.l.f. and went to work.  I found the ridges on the glove to be perfect for swirling the brushes against and the cleaning process was extremely quick compared to my normal method of just using my hands.  The glove was flexible enough that I was able to cup my hand and pool some water in it to help with the cleaning process.  My hands stayed dry as I was able to clean the brushes, rinse and squeeze the excess water out while wearing the glove.  The brushes were easily reshaped with no lost bristles, so I have no concerns about possible damage to my brushes by using this product.  The glove itself rinsed clean and had no discolouration from the makeup.  Cleaning my brushes will be quick and easy from now on because of this mitt and for an investment of a whole $3, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.