I had heard so many wonderful reviews about this BB Cream, I had to try it.  I picked it up at Meijer in the US for $7.29 USD.  This BB cream is marketed for oily skin gals like myself and I picked up the colour light medium to match my skin when I get a little bit of a tan or use self tanner.

This BB cream gives a good medium coverage, I have to sheer it out some with a sponge and this might be the reason I’ve not had good luck with it.  Although it looks great just after application, I start to get oily almost immediately and I am constantly blotting and powdering the whole day through.  I always think of BB creams as having a bit lighter coverage, but to me this is a foundation.  By the end of the day, my face does not look or feel good and I can’t wait to get it off my face.  Whatever the reason, if it’s the formula or user error, I think this is one is just not for me.