I went on a little Lush shopping spree last month and picked up this soap for $10.18 CAD.  It was quite the sizeable chunk and I had to slice it up to get it to fit into my tin.  I like sweet or fruity scents and this one is sweet and heavily fragranced.

I keep my soap in a Lush tin (can be picked up for $3.95 CAD) to prolong the life of it.  If it is left in the shower under streaming water, it would wither away to nothing as it is a pretty soft bar.  I find that it lathers quite well and fills the shower up with it’s fragrance but soon after drying off, the scent disappates.  My skin feels squeaky clean after use but a moisturizer of some sort is needed afterwards.  I really like the scent of this soap, but I will try another next time.  I only treat myself once in a while to these handmade soaps because they are quite pricey, but every once in awhile I’m worth it!