I received this deluxe sample in the Bronze Bares All set I had purchased.  There is a ton of hype behind this product and as an oily skinned girl, I’m not a whole lot interested in adding shine to my face, but I was always curious about this highlighter.

This powder is silky soft and I only need to tap my brush lightly once into the product to get enough to use.  I’ve only used it on the top of my cheekbones as I’m not fond of the glowing nose tip look or shiny forehead and upper lip look either.  It actually looks very lovely overtop of a matte blush when used in moderation.

The powder does give a lovely golden glow, but it also accentuates any lines you might have.  It only lasts on me for a few hours and then it seems to disappear, not sure if it’s my skin type or if this is how long highlighters generally last.  It is a lovely product and drugstore products don’t have quite the same sheen as this one does but this size will probably be all I would ever need in a life time, so I won’t be looking at buying a full sized one.