If there is ever a reason to become a Beauty Insider at Sephora, the annual birthday gift would be it.  I’m always excited to find out what it might be and this year I couldn’t wait for my birthday to roll around so I could try these Marc Jacobs products.


Included in this gift is a Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Blacquer.  This is an extraordinarily soft pencil that glides on like a dream and once set, it stays all day.  It features a twist up crayon, but with the sample size there is no way to sharpen it.  The full size has a sharpener included.  Lucky for me, I had another product with similar packaging and was able to use the sharpener from it.  The lipstick in the colour Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a creamy matte lipstick, it applied so easily and was opaque in one coat.  My lips were comfortable all day long and reapplication was easy with no funky buildup.  It wore quite well, but did come off during meals.  This rosy colour is about as dramatic as I can get with lipstick and the colour was perfect on my fair skin.  I think these are both great products and am happy I was able to receive them.