For years I washed off my make up with a warm wet facecloth.  It worked absolutely fine.  As new products came out, I would try them and always end up with my facecloth again.  When the Makeup Eraser came out, I wondered how it could possible be different than a face cloth, reviews said that it was fantastic.  I checked it out at Sephora, but for $24 CAD, I decided to pass.  Recently I checked it out again and realized I had seen the exact same thing at the dollar store, but it was marketed for something else completely.

It’s the Arm and Hammer microfibre wipe and it cost $1.50 CAD.  I decided to give it a try as a makeup remover.  One side is a smooth soft long pile and the other side is shorter and equally as soft.  I checked online and the Makeup Eraser is also made of 100% polyester.  I used just warm water and this cloth and all of my makeup came off easily, just like it does with a facecloth.  I used a micellar water and a cotton pad afterwards to see if there was anything left, and there was nothing.  I decided to try the same thing with the facecloth and there was actually some residual makeup left behind.  So the dollar store microfibre cloth wins there!

After using it for about three days it was beginning to smell musty, so I threw it in the washing machine and the dryer (even though the tag said not to) and it came out just fine.  My waterproof eyeliner stained the cloth and the makeup eraser is supposed to come clean in the wash, but my bargain cloth looks just like all of my face cloths now.  The only downside is that my skin feels immediately very dry and I have to get the moisturizer on right away.  It was fun putting this to the test, but I like my facecloth, and micellar water, and konjac sponges, and face wash, and face scrubs, and well you know, I like testing products!