This is one of those products that I’ve used for years.  I stray occasionally but always come back to it.  I picked it up at Walmart in the US for $2.00 USD.  I’ve never reviewed it before this simply because it gets a little gross looking and I’ve never wanted to photograph it.  I use it for my brows only.

This dual ended product is perfect for setting the brows.  Really, the one side with the rounded brush is the “mascara” side and the other squared off brush is for the brows.  I use them both for brows.  I use a pencil to fill in and shape and then I use this to set.  It really does give a firm hold.  The only problem is that when you go over your filled in brows, some of the colour will transfer to the wand and eventually the gel will become (in my case) a light brownish colour.  I use one side at a time and when it looks gross, I switch to the other side and because this product is so inexpensive, I don’t mind replacing it every couple of months.  In Canada e.l.f. products can be found at Old Navy and The Real Canadian Superstore and they often have great deals on their own website and will ship to Canada.