I put off writing this review for a few days so that I could put into words how I felt about it.  Topbox this month came in a purple bubble wrap mailer this month, so I was a little excited about this small change.  Another change is that the information card that you usually receive is now an exclusive offer card with discount codes.  The information about the items are now sent in an e-mail.  When I opened my pretty package this month I was shocked and angry that it was so similar to the one I received in April.



I couldn’t believe that I had identical products sent to me from two months ago.  I had mentioned before that I wished that there was more brand variety with Topbox, but this month’s bag didn’t even give me item variety!

I received an Ofra Lipliner in Wine.  This is the exactly the same as the the one I received in April, colour and all.  I received a pūr~lisse sheet mask and I had received the eye treatment in April.  

I received a Popbeauty pigment in metallic charcoal, I received a sparkly white one in April.  I’ll never use them.

I received a Mineral Peel Face treatment from O.R.G. Skincare.  I’ve used something similar to this before, so I’ll be interested to see how this one works.

This was a completely horrible bag for me, so just after I opened it I e-mailed Topbox with my concerns and I also sent them a link to April’s bag  for comparison purposes.  I got a reply that apologized and said that they will send me some replacement items in my July bag.  I’m completely happy with that response and will be excited to receive my next bag now.  I believed that they kept track of things you received, but I’m not so sure now.  I also thought that they curated the bags specifically for the month or season and I’m not sure about that either.  For whatever the reason, I received duplicate products, they said they will fix it and I’m happy with the customer service I received…anyone need an Ofra Lip Pencil in Wine…