I am no stranger to self tanning.  I have tried many products for many years and had great successes and horrible failures.  I received a deluxe sample of this product in a Sephora Favorites Bronze Bares All set.  It did not come with an application mitt, so I just used an old sock.  I did end up purchasing the full size of the product for $55 CAD from the Shopping Channel and a mitt was included.

I was quite impressed with the result I achieved using this self tanner.  It’s a mousse formula that comes out brown.  It boasts that there is no self tanner smell, but I did detect the faintest smell which was not bothersome at all.  You apply to clean exfoiliated skin in circular motions and wait a few hours, in my case I do it before bed and I wake up with a glowing tan.  I have applied to non exfoliated skin and had great results as well.  

The mousse dries extremely quickly and does not transfer on to bedding or clothing.  It is recommended to apply 3 times to get the best results in colour.  I have fair skin and I bought the medium colour, so 2 applications work very well for me.  I found that the tan lasts nicely for about 2 weeks on me and the colour is very natural.  I have had no problems with streaking at all.  With some experimenting, I have figured out how to get the colour that best suits my skin tone.  I apply one time, wait a few days and apply again.  I then reapply as needed.

The only downside to this product is that it is very expensive.  I have been able to get 5 uses from the the deluxe sample and there is still some left.  The big bottle I bought retails at Sephora for $105 CAD, it just happened to be the Showstopper on the Shopping Channel when I bought it.  The mitt is also quite low quality, it did the job, but it leaked through the top.  My sock method worked better but probably absorbed a lot of the product.  

This self tanner surpasses my previous favourite method which was tan towelettes.  The large bottle will easily last me through the summer and probably into next summer as well, because of the cost, look for a sale to get the best value for your money.