I wasn’t sure how to write the title of this product.  On Sephora’s website it’s listed as Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper, that’s a little long!  Anyways, I’ve tried to get this a few times and it’s always been sold out, I’m happy to say I finally got it from Sephora’s website and it cost $10 CAD.  This seems to be marketed to a younger crowd, I’m way past that but I love the fun packaging.  As an oily skinned gal, I’d say this is the best product I’ve used to absorb excess oil in a long time, not just the product itself but for the convince it delivers as well.

It comes in a sturdy plastic case, which is fantastic because most blotting papers come in cardboard sleeves that get mangled in your purse over time.  It has a mirror which is also great, it’s nice to see if you’ve missed a spot.  Best of all is the sponge with the sticky pad.  It picks up the blotting paper easily and it bends into the contours of your face and protects your fingers from the oily residue picked up on the paper.

The sticky pad can also be peeled off if it begins to lose it’s “stickiness” and there are 4 more underneath.  The paper does a good job at removing the oil and leaving your make up in tact.  They’ve thought of everything to make this an easy to use product, except one.  Refills.  Looks like you have to buy the whole case again when you run out.  Other than that one thing, this is really a must have product for oily skinned girls!