I decided to give this brand of Micellar Water a try and I picked it up at Walmart for $8.97 CAD.  There are two types available and I decided on the regular.  The other one was for removal of waterproof make up.

I had been finishing up a bottle of another brand that was not for use in the eye area, so I was looking for one that could be used on the eyes.  I found that it did remove my make up quite nicely, but it made my eyes sting each time that I used it.  When I checked the label again, I had missed some small print that said to avoid contact with eyes, but it clearly said in three other places on the bottle that it was for eyes and that it had been tested under ophthalmological control.  I do understand that they don’t want you to get it in your actual eyes, but that’s a little bit hard to do while wiping away eye make up with a saturated cotton pad.

That’s the only downside to this product.  It works great on the face and it is not drying at all but I’d be very careful using it around the eyes.  I’ve gone back to using a good old facecloth and water now and I just use this Micellar Water to remove any leftover face make up residue (which really isn’t much).