I picked up this product from Walmart for $2.97 CAD.  I had run out of brow gel and thought that I would try a wax pencil instead.

My unruly brows have given me a lot of trouble for a couple of years now and I’m always looking for ways to make them behave.  This wax pencil glides on very smoothly, but I find that it leaves tiny chunks behind that look like dandruff.  I have to go in with a brush and “rake” them out.  I do this several times before I get the shape I’m after.  There are a few hairs that just won’t lay down with this product and that’s why I think it may be more suited to someone who is after a light hold.  I do like the look of my brow hairs using this pencil.  There are some conditioning elements that make the hairs look shiny and I like that.  If you are looking for a light hold brow tamer, this might be the right product for you and at a great price as well.