I found this topcoat in the clearance section at Winners for $4.00 CAD.  I was soon to find out that sometimes things are in the clearance section for a reason!

I decided to try this over OPI Clubbing til Sunrise which is not a very shiny polish when it dries and is also quite fast drying on it’s own.  I used an Essie base coat with two coats of polish followed by once coat of Rapid Shine.

I found it did give a wonderful high gloss shine, but it did not dry in 60 seconds.  It took 40 minutes for it to become dry to the touch and another 10 minutes before I could lightly touch two nails together and not feel any tackiness.  Another hour later I took a shower and washed my hair and this is what my manicure looked like after that.

I don’t think I’ve experienced anything like this with any topcoat I’ve ever tried.  The shine was gone, it was worn off and my nails and had imprints from washing my hair.  So even though I thought the polish was dry, it still wasn’t after several hours.  

To be fair I decided to try it again on one finger with a different base coat and polish.  I used a Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Base Coat and two coats of Maybelline Color Show in Iced Queen.  It dragged some of the polish off when I applied it and after 10 minutes it was still tacky to the touch.  After a half an hour, it was still tacky to the touch and the polish rubbed right off if I lightly ran my finger over it.  A Kleenex removed it all.  This might be the longest drying top coat in all of history!  If you’ve used this top coat and had success, please let me know what I’m doing wrong.  As of now, this product is a total fail for me.