I found this at Walmart and picked it up for $9.98 CAD.  With all of this contouring and highlighting going on, I didn’t want to miss out on the “craze”.  This kit comes with three cream products, two powders and a brush.  It’s packaged in a magnetic tin and it has a plastic overlay that I’m not sure if I’m supposed to keep to stop the cream products from drying up.

The first cream product is “Prep” which is an undereye concealer.  It had quite the opposite effect on me and accentuated my fine lines and wrinkles.  The second cream product is “Brighten” which is to be blended with “Prep” to brighten the cheek area.  Yellow tends to make my skin look awful and sickly and it didn’t blend well with my colouring.  The third cream product is “Contour”.  This product was a perfect colour for me and I found that I could use it quite easily to contour with and not look muddy.  The fourth product is “Blend”, which is a powder.  It was extremely patchy on me and much too orange.  The fifth product is “Illuminate” which is a powder highlight.  It is quite smooth to the touch and gives a very subtle glow.  The brush is amazing, I just love it!  I found it perfect for using the cream contour and blending it in.

I understand that when marketing to light to medium skin tones in one product that there will be very few people that everything will work for.  Unfortunately for me, only the contour and brush are the winners in this palette.  I feel that this product is more suited to medium skin tones and if you are pale like me, I’d pass on it.