I love the e-mail I receive that says my Topbox has been delivered to my mailbox.  I ran out to grab it right away!

I received a Teeez angled brush.  I’m always happy to try new brushes, but I really want to use this as a clean up brush for when I do my nails.  I’ll try it on my eyes first though.  I also received a set of Masker Aide Hydrating Eye Gel Patches.  Of course I couldn’t wait to try them out.  These are cool gel patches that felt great under my eyes.  I couldn’t see any changes after use, but it was very relaxing to have them on.

I received another Nova Scotia Fisherman product again this month which is fine with me, I really like this brand.  It’s a minty balm that feels great on the lips!  Lastly I received a Lychee Gel shower and bath gel by Jelly Pong Pong.  I have tried it already, it didn’t have any significant scent to it and it lathered quite poorly.  I wouldn’t recommend it.

Overall this month’s bag was good, not great, just good.  I’d like to see more brand variety as Jelly Pong Pong was the only new brand for me this month.  Maybe I’ll see some new things next month.