Another highlighter?  Yes, they seem to be everywhere now.  I picked up this palette for $4.99 USD while on vacation.  This is quite the sizeable palette, much larger than the palm of my hand!  Catwalk Pink comes with four stripes of shades that can be worn individually or mixed together.

The powder itself is a tiny bit gritty to the touch, but that doesn’t make any difference when applied to the face.  There is tons of shimmer in this palette, but there is also micro glitter in it as well which does have some fall out.  The colours individually are very nice and when blended altogether the colour is pink.  As a highlighter, this palette is fine, it does fade a bit and the shimmer will be less intense.  I think higher end highlighting powders are more finely milled and smoother to apply and blend nicely into the skin.  The colours in this palette just sit on top of the skin but if you are like me and just want to experiment with highlighting, this is a perfect purchase.