I was checking Walmart’s make up aisle for some new products and found this kit for $9.98 CAD.  This kit has a brush, a cream highlighter, two powder highlighters, a matte blush and a matte bronzer and it comes in a tin with a magnetic closure.

At first glance this looks like quite the deal, but the sad reality is that it is not.  When I think of strobing, I think of light, radiance and a glowing face.  This kit seems to be the very opposite, dull, dark and muddy.

The Strobing Glow cream has such a faint sheen to it that it’s barely noticible.  I added it to my foundation as suggested on the tube and saw no difference at all.

The brush included is half decent and I will use it for something I’m sure.  All of the powders feel quite smooth to the touch.  The bronzer is a good colour but chalky and it will not blend nicely.  The blush is a horrible dull peach that has the same texture as the bronzer.  When I tried to use these colours together on my face, it just looked muddy.  The highlighters have some sheen to them, but they are very dull as well, yellow and copper don’t come to mind when I think of strobing.  Someone with a darker skin tone might find these colours will work for them, but if you have fair skin like me, I’d avoid this altogether!