I was excited to visit an Ulta while on vacation in the United States recently, I really wanted to look at Makeup Revolution line.  The Makeup Revolution displays were virtually empty, so I was guessing it must be popular!  I picked up this blush palette for $8.00 USD.  This eight pan palette has 1 shimmer blush, 5 mattes and 2 baked blushes.

The shimmer and the matte blushes are very soft and silky and easily blended.  The baked blushes are rough and gritty to the touch, pressed very hard but are still soft and blendable once applied to the cheeks.  The lone shimmer blush has very minimal shimmer to it.

Although the colours are pretty, there are a few that look so similar that there really isn’t as big of a selection as you might think there is.  The 3 matte pinks in fact are so close in tone that once blended out, there really isn’t a difference.

I have found that the blushes wear very well and a little will go a long way.  The two baked blushes are frosty enough to use as a highlight and can change the look of the matte blushes when applied on top.  For the price these blushes can’t be beat!