If you were thinking of getting Birchbox in Canada, you are too late.  Because of the low Canadain dollar, they are pulling their operations out of Canada. 😭

I received this e-mail explaining.


So this is my last box, I’ll show you what I received.

Living proof is a line of hair car products that I have used in the past, so I’m excited to try the mask.  I’m always happy to try Paula’s Choice products as well.

Perfume?  I’ll take it and the Naobay cream, I just had one by the same brand in last month’s or the month before.  The Arrow Boost color enchanting lip balm was one we were able to choose this month.  I chose this one because the other products offered were too dark for me and I’m always excited by lip balm  that changes according to your body chemistry, and that’s what this one claims to do.

I’m sorry to see Birchbox Canada go.  Some months were good and some were bad, but I always looked forward to the surprise of what I would receive.  I currently get Topbox here in Canada, so I will continue with that subscription.  Thanks to my “assistant” this month, who so graciously opened my box and took pictures for me.

Goodbye Birchbox Canada, I’ll miss you!