I was excited to try this polish so I picked up 2 colours for $4.99 USD each.  I chose to try out Pinky Swear first.  It’s a lovely light pink with peach undertones.  No top coat is required for this polish, I also did not use a base coat either.

I had a difficult time with this particular colour.  It took three coats and I still was getting streakiness.  I also had a lot of bubbling after it dried.  I wasn’t completely thrilled with the finish.

The next day I had significant chipping.  I was expecting to get a week’s worth of wear with this polish.  I tried Stay Classy next and I used a base coat this time.  This colour applied better and almost had full opacity with one coat.  I applied two.  I was not thrilled with the finish of this one either although I love the colour.

Even with a base coat it seemed to accentuate all that is wrong with my nails, after 24 hours of wear I had no chipping but very significant tip wear.  I also don’t see the high shine I would be expecting  with a gel polish.  I wanted to love this polish but it’s just an okay polish for me, going forward I’ll use a topcoat to get the shine and longevity I’m looking for.