My daughter picked this kit up on clearance at Shoppers Drug Mart for $12.00 CAD.  It was marked down from $24.99 and I understand why.  I was interested in trying it, so she let me try it after she had done her nails.  This kit comes with an LED curing lamp that does one finger at a time and cures in 30 seconds.  It also comes with a nail polish, a cleanser, an orange stick, a nail file and some lint free pads.

The next day my daughter sent me this picture.  The nail enamel had fallen right off one finger.  I thought that it was because she used it as a top coat over a regular polish.  No where does it say that this polish is to be used as a decorative top coat and she was disappointed that it wasn’t more opaque like the bottle colour.

And that was the first problem with this particular kit, the polish doesn’t look anything like what’s actually in the bottle.  I decided to try it as is.  The first thing you have to do is rough up your nails with the file, you use the cleanser on a lint free pad to clean off the nail then apply a coat of polish.  Next you put your finger under the lamp that cures the polish in 30 seconds (it turns itself off).  If you want another coat, just apply more polish and then cure again.  When finished, wipe with the cleanser again.

The lamp is easy to use, but the instructions say to do the complete process one finger at a time.  It took over an hour to complete the manicure.  The cleanser step at the end removes the shine, but the instructions say that that the shine will return with wear.  I’m not sure how that is even possible.

The manicure felt rough because of the glitter and the polish itself was difficult to use because it was so thick, although it’s supposed to be self levelling, I could clearly see that some areas were thicker than others.  My manicure lasted 2 days before the edges started lifting off and several nails popped right off.

Although my nails were already not in great shape, you can see that more damaged occurred.  I tried to remove the rest of the polish with acetone but it wouldn’t budge, but it was very easily peeled off.  I assumed that this product would be a long wearing gel like polish, but the claim is only “looking good all week”.  This glitter formula might be the only one that wears this badly, but I don’t think I’m interested in trying this product again.

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