The display was pretty much empty when I found these at Walmart.  It cost a whopping $10.96 CAD and I picked up the colour Nude Flush.  I didn’t smell it until I got home and it’s awful.  It smells heavily of a sweet floral perfume and it’s unfortunate that it tastes like it too.

The colour is perfect, exactly in the range that I love.  It feels weightless on the lips and very smooth when the lips are rubbed together.  The applicator is flat and slightly slanted and application is quite nice.  Here is where it starts to get weird.  Once applied this formula is glossy and doesn’t dry.  The only way it becomes matte is when it starts to wear off or you blot it.  When that happens you lose the intensity of colour.  I’m at a loss as how this is marketed as a matte liquid lipstick.  I did a little experiment to see how long a swatch would take to become matte.  It never did.  This is the same swatch as above, but turned towards the light.

At the one hour mark, I swiped a finger through the swatch which was still very glossy looking and I wanted to see if it dried at all.  It was still wet.  After the 2 hours were up I easily removed the entirety of the swatch with a dry tissue and had no residue.

This had absolutely no lasting power on me, it faded just drinking water and wore off completely during eating.  I found myself reapplying several times during the day.  If you can get past the smell and the taste and the fact that it’s just an overpriced glossy liquid lipstick with a nice colour selection, then you might enjoy this product.  If you want a matte liquid lipstick, I think you’ll be quite disappointed.