My Birchbox arrived and I was surprised by two things!  One that it was almost half way through January already and two, that I liked my box this month!

The box itself is cute and comes with a page of stickers that you can place on the blank line on the top of the box.  I thought “gratitude” would be good, but my 5 year old grandson thought “joy” would be better, so I’m going with his suggestion!

I received a Dr Jart Water-Ful Hydrogel Mask, I love masks, so I think I’ll enjoy using this one as well.  (I was wearing a bright coral t-shirt when I took the picture, lots of light bounce back from the packaging!). I received a derma-e Hydrating Scrub for dry to normal skin, I’m going to try it even though I have oily skin.  I have never bought one single product from this company and probably won’t ever need to because I get so many samples.

I received another leave in conditioner again this month, but this time they got it right!  I straighten my curly hair, but lately I’ve been “embracing” my curls, so I’m very pleased to give this a try.  The Juara Candlenut Body Cream was one of the products I was able to choose for my box this month.  I really wasn’t excited about the choices offered so I settled on this product.  It’s very small, but it smells good and it does absorb quite nicely into the skin.

I received the Tony Tint Delight by TonyMoly and am thrilled, I nearly bought one last week!  This is a lip stain in the colour red. It smells like cherries and the colour is great!  I use these type of lip stains to get the “popsicle” lip look.  I apply it to just the middle of my lips and use a lighter lipgloss colour around and over it.  I swatched my hand with this and I had to scrub to get it off, it’s very long lasting!

The past two months of boxes have not been the greatest for me, I’ll have to check my profile and maybe change some of my answers.  I’m quite happy with what I received this month so I’ll use that “Joy” sticker to describe it!