I picked up this product on a whim while ordering some clothing online.  I bought the colour pink/bronze for $6.90 CAD.  I’ve never had much luck with make up items from Forever 21 and this blush and highlighter was about the same.

The packaging is very pretty and so is the product.  The highlighter has a bit of sheen but is chalky and gritty to touch.  The blush is silky and overly pigmented.  Just a touch gives you a ton of colour which makes it hard to use.   When the two are combined you get a nice lighter pink that is easier to work with but is still on the chalky side.  I don’t reach for this product as there are so many others that I have that can give better results and are easier to use.  It seems a shame because it’s so pretty to look at, I wish it was as pretty to wear.