I picked this mascara up at Walmart for $9.96 CAD.  I have a love hate opinion about this product.  I love the formula, I like a wet mascara, they tend to work the best for me.  I like that it stays on and is easily removed when I go to take it off.  I like the gold coloured tube.  I think this is a great mascara.

What do I hate about this product? It’s the flexibility of the wand.  The bristles of the wand work well, but the wand itself moves when applying.  This flexibility results in messy application for me.  I end up with mascara on my lids from trying to push the wand into my lashes.  The cleanup I have to do after using this product is frustrating!  As the product dries out, there is some flaking, so that’s my clue to toss it out.   I’m going to swap out the wand from my unopened package with one from another used up mascara to see if I have better luck with application.