I don’t own any of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes so when this one came out I decided this would be the one to try.  I picked it up at Sephora for $59 CAD.  The packaging is absolutely adorable beginning with the cardboard box right down to the palette itself.  The shadows come in a pink tin with a magnetic closure, the shadows are shaped like hearts and the whole thing smells like cocoa!  Delightful!

There are 16 shadows in this palette with some mattes, some satins and some shimmers.  The texture of the shadows are widely varied.  Totally Fetch feels rough when swatched and Divinity feels very smooth and buttery and there are few that fall between them both.

Although there seems to be a variety of browns, beiges and pinks in this palette, I found it difficult to achieve different looks each time I’ve used it so far.  Each look was very pretty, but the browns and beige colours tended to get muddy when placed together and the colours Black Current and Earl Grey don’t have enough brightness to stand out, so each time I used them, they tended to blend into the browns I used with them.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love the colours in this palette.

This really is a very nice neutral palette, with Totally Fetch being the only real pop of colour.  It has some perfect everyday eyeshadows and Satin Sheets could also be used as a highlighter.  I’m enjoying this palette and I love the whiff of cocoa I get everytime I open it!