I might be the only person on the planet who is not a fan of this mascara.  I picked up the color black at Walmart for $8.47 CAD in the water resistant formula.  This mascara comes with a silicone curved wand that has some flexibility.

This mascara is indeed free of clumps, but I also found it free of volume as well.  I have to put many coats on to get some very minimal volume.  It’s a perfect mascara if you like a very natural look and it does separate the lashes very well but I had to work to get some length.  The wand flexes a bit and I find it difficult to work with wands that do this.  I experienced flaking by the end of the day but no smudges.  Removal was easy with micellar water.  This mascara comes very highly rated but it just didn’t work well for me and sometimes that happens.