This inexpensive lipstick is a staple in my collection, they can be picked up at Walmart for $1.77 CAD.  These lipsticks come in a wide variety of long lasting colours and I like the pink ones the best.


These lipsticks are creamy and apply smoothly, these is no strong scent either.  They stay smooth on the lips and have a really good wear time as well, up to 4 hours on me.  I have not experienced any dryness while wearing this lipstick.

The only downside I’ve experienced is that these lipsticks do not twist down into the tube all the way.  You are going to have lipstick smeared on the inside of the lid unless you can replace the cap without nicking the lipstick.   I have also had a lid fall off while inside my purse…that was fun to clean up!  

For the price and the performance though, these lipsticks are quite the bargain!  If you have never tried them, I think you’ll be delighted and have trouble stopping at just one colour!