I picked this up in the summer at the Cosmetics Company Store for $18 USD, here in Canada it retails for $32 CAD.  I just finally opened it and I love it!  Dainty falls into a colour category that I have named “Sweet Pink”.  Blushes that fall into this category are my very favourites.  
Dainty is what I would describe as a pale muted coral.  Not warm enough to be peach and not cool enough to be pink.  With the added mineralized finish, this blush has a lovely youthful glow to it.  The texture of the powder is smooth and silky and blends beautifully.  The wear time on this blush is great, I find it lasts all day and stays quite true to its colour.  It’s easy to get heavy handed with Dainty as it starts out so light, but subsequent layers build easily and can leave you looking quite flushed! If you are looking for an innocent youthful glow to your cheeks, Dainty might be the colour you need to buy!