I have been using these handy wipes for a couple of years now, I pick them up at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 CAD.  I don’t know about other people who wear glasses, but the smallest smudge on mine will drive me crazy.  If I’m at home I find it easy to clean my glasses, but if I’m out and about, I like to use these wipes.  They are compact, fast and easy and do a great job.

These wipes dry out quite quickly once they are out of the package, so you have to work fast to get your glasses clean.  Usually a couple of swirls on each lens will do the job.  I have also found that these are great for wiping fingerprints off of my phone and ipad.

A package of 16 will last me for a couple of months, I have never opened one and found it had dried out which has happened time and again when I have used wipes bought in bulk.  I always keep a couple in my purse and in my car just in case of a smudge emergency!