I must admit I have been sporadic lip liner user.  I have found recently that I have been reaching for them more often.  They really do perfect your lip look, giving you a crisper lip line.  I picked up these liners at Rexall a few months back during a buy one get one 50% off.  

I tried to choose ones that would flatter my most worn colours which would be nude, coral and pink.  The liners I chose all have a bit of a shimmer to them, which I really love.  These pencils are soft enough that they in no way tug at your lips, but they are firm enough to give a sharp line.  If you want to colour in your lips a bit, these do a fine job, I find them a drying if I use them to colour in my entire lips.

I find that I use the Beige a lot as it’s a cooler toned nude and it goes with many lipsticks.  The Tangerine one surprised me and goes with a wide range of corals.  The colour Flower just seems to match a select few of my lipsticks as it is very pink and has quite a bit of frost to it.  I will have to look for a more subdued pink.  These lip liners have decent staying power and come in a huge array of colours and are comparable to some higher end liners.  I really enjoy the look I’ve been getting using lip liners and I wish I had started using them a whole lot sooner!