I was surprised to find this eyeliner at Dollarama for $3 CAD when I had just been looking at it in Walmart for almost $8.  All of the colours in the line where there for the same price.  I had been looking at waterproof nude eyeliners for my waterline.  Eyeliner never stays there and I’m always trying to figure out how people get it to do so.  Anyways the price was right, it was waterproof and it claims 10 hours of wear so I bought it.

This liner comes with some nice features.  It’s retractable, it has a smudger on one end and it also has a sharpener.  The formula is soft and glides on very easily.  This is in no way marketed for waterline use, so I can’t say it’s a bad product, I just had no luck using it in my waterline.  I have watery eyes to begin with.  I dried them them the best I could and was able to apply the product to my waterline.  By the time I picked up my mascara, half of it had disappeared and by the time I finished applying my mascara, it was all gone.  Total fail for me on trying to make my eyes look bigger and more awake.  I’ll come up with some ways to put this liner to use so it won’t go to waste and I think I’ll give up on using products in my waterline.  If you live in Canada and love these liners, check out Dollarama.  I think they will disappear quickly!