I decided to pick this concealer up because I had heard so much hype about it.  I had a hard time deciding the colour but I ended up picking up 110 Fair for dark circles.  I also had a hard time finding it because the displays were always empty.  I found it at Shoppers Drug Mart for $14.99 CAD.  The dark circles under my eyes are not terrible, but with some wrinkles added in, I want to draw attention away from them.

The tip of this product is a very soft sponge like applicator.  You have to twist the red part and there will be clicking then the product will come up through the applicator.  It applies smooth and easily with a good amount of product coming out.  I like the colour, it matches very well.  I found that it didn’t cover the dark circles completely unless I applied a lot, then it just accentuated my wrinkles.  So in my case, less is more.  It wears very well and did not sink into my fine lines.  When I apply over breakouts, it covers quite nicely without looking cakey.  I can see what the hype is about, it is a good concealer, but I think I was expecting more.  I was hoping to have more brightness under my eyes, so I think I would need to choose another colour for that but Fair seemed to be the lightest colour.  I’m not convinced I will repurchase it when I finish it, but for now it’s doing a good job.

UPDATE:  Less than a month later, I had to stop using this product, I was experiencing hives, peeling skin and itching and what looked like chemical burns in the places I used it.  I very obviously had an allergic reaction to something in this product.  I don’t have sensitive skin, so this was an odd thing.  I would suggest a skin test on your arm if you are new to this product.