I found this tinted moisturizer at Shoppers Drug Mart for $19.99 CAD.  I thought it was pricey, but it had a $9 mail in rebate.  I thought it might be a good alternative to a BB cream for those days when I don’t want to wear much make up and also because it has some healthy and organic ingredients.

Even though I have very oily skin, there are some days that my skin will start out feeling dry especially during the colder weather.  This product appeals to me because it’s free of chemicals and boasts that 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin and 70% of those ingredients are organic.  I was hoping that somehow this product might make my skin a little less oily.

I almost returned this product after the first day of wearing it but decided to give it a couple of more days.  The directions say to shake before each use, but I find that it is much too thick so nothing happens.  It doesn’t glide on the skin, it took a bit of rubbing to get it smoothed around.  It has very minimal coverage, but I expected this.  My big problem was that it has a yellow orange tone to it and I have cool toned skin.  I kept looking in the mirror all day thinking I looked orange, but I didn’t.  I also had a little less oiliness throughout the day, but I’m not sure if that’s because of this product or the change in the weather.

It does last all day and looks quite natural on my skin except for the colour itself.  It’s just not quite right for me.  I’ve settled on applying it with a make up sponge and a light finishing powder.  It will probably look much better with my skin in the summer when I have more colour.  I’m very much on the fence with this tinted moisturizer, I like it and it feels good but I wish the colour was a bit more neutral.