I received an e-mail from Annabelle for a buy one get one free sale.  I was wanting to try some of their eyeliners and was happy to find them on sale as well.  I bought the shade Graphite and one of their metallic liners in Black Metal.  They were $5.95 CAD each and I got a second one of each colour for free!

The neat thing about these liners is that they are sharpened each time you twist the cap back on so when you go to use it there is always a point to work with.  There are no shavings to deal with as everything is contained in the lid.

I found that I couldn’t see what I was doing as not much product is sticking out from beyond the plastic, but I quickly discovered that if I push down the top part of the liner that more would stick out.  I’m not sure if it goes back down or is sharpened off when I replace the lid.  Both liners tug a bit at the eye when applied, but once applied they both stayed exactly where I put them for the entire day.  I tried wearing it in the waterline and it was gone in about an hour as is every single eyeliner I have ever tried.

Even though it didn’t stay in my very watery waterline, these liners are very waterproof.  I scrubbed these with just water and you can see that they stayed very well in the second picture.  I scrubbed with soap and water and in the third picture you can still see traces.  I used a micellar water on my eyes and it removed quite easily.  I am pleased with the staying power that these liners have with my watery eyes and wrinkles.  I’m always happy to find a product that stays in place for the entire day.  If you are interested you can order from their website and I’ve seen Annabelle products at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart.