I didn’t know Wet n Wild made makeup brushes, so when I saw these at Walmart, I bought the two they had in stock.  One is for eyeshadow that cost $1.87 CAD and one is for powder that cost $3.67 CAD.  There was a spot in the display for a foundation brush, but it wasn’t in stock and I probably wouldn’t have bought it as I have a special place in my heart for my Shiseido Foundation Brush.  

These brushes are made of synthetic hair and are cruelty free.  The handles are a little bit shorter than others I have in my collection but that’s not a problem and both brushes are extremely soft and easily pick up product.  I’ve had no shedding from either of them.  I was hoping the powder brush might be used for blush but it turned out to be too large, but it is a great brush.  I’ve been using the shadow brush to apply and to blend and it works very well.

I have a selection of high end, mid range and inexpensive brushes that I use for a variety of applications.  I think these are similar to my e.l.f. brushes in performance and feel.  I am really enjoying the eyeshadow brush and will buy another because I think it’s a great value for something that works so well for me.  I hope Wet n Wild come out with more styles because these are affordable good sturdy basic brushes.