I love sparkling water, but most flavoured sparkling waters on the market have some sort of artificial sweetener added in as well.  I would stick to those that did not use sweeteners but would only have citrus choices which are okay but not my favourite.  My son in law brought me a lemon Dasani one day and I thought it was very good so when I decided to buy a case I was delighted to find there was a Berry flavour.  I bought a 12 pack of cans for $4.97 CAD at Walmart.  When I got home, I noticed the word “black” through the carrying hole and when I looked closer noticed that it was the Black Cherry flavour.

I was a little more than confused and when I opened the package, I had 12 cans of Black Cherry and none of the Berry flavour.  I sat down and composed an e-mail to Dasani explaining what had happened and included the UPC and coding from the package.  I decided not to return it to the store because the package was opened and I didn’t feel like going out again and Black Cherry would have been one I probably would have bought eventually.  Usually when sending an e-mail to a company, there is a confirmation of receipt sent back with assurance that someone will be getting back to you.  Even though I sent it directly from the Dasani website, I didn’t and haven’t received any acknowledgement.  So a day later, I’m not sure if they will be getting back to me or not.  I will add updates in the comment section after this is posted.

Despite not getting the flavour I bought, I like this product.  With two ingredients , sparkling water and natural flavour, I’m pretty happy.  Although I know that there is some controversy about what exactly “natural flavour” is and I don’t think there are any requirements about the breakdown, this is so lightly flavoured that I’m not too concerned.  There is just a hint of black cherry smell and taste.  With 2 ingredients and zero calories I’m surprised to find that there is 30 mg of sodium in this product, so that would have to be a by-product of the “natural flavour”.

With no sweeteners added, I think this is a nice light alternative to a soft drink or a nice treat if you want something other than water.  I’ll be checking the packaging and contents more closely when I purchase next time and hopefully Dasani will get back to me about the mix up.