Have you ever found something in your make up drawer and wonder why you haven’t been using it?  This is the case with this Nars lip pencil, it’s a sample size that I received from Sephora as their birthday gift promotion.  The full size is available on their website for $32 CAD.  I pulled it out and starting wearing it and the colour is beautiful.

The pencil is smooth and very easy to apply, there is no tugging and has great coverage.   This product needs to be sharpened, so you will lose a bit of it every time you do.

This colour has a bit of shimmer that makes it look glossy when applied.  It stays on slightly when eating and touch ups are easy and don’t create build up.  The colour lasts fairly long on me and my lips don’t feel dry when I wear it.  It has a good slip to it if you rub your lips together.  For a crayon type lipstick, I’d have to say it’s been one of the best I’ve tried and I’m glad to have received it for free, but I don’t think I’d pay $32 for it.