I finally found this back in stock at Walmart.  I’m telling you, it is hard enough to find Wet n Wild where I live and when you do the displays are always empty.  There were three on the display and I grabbed it like someone was ready to snatch it away from me!  For $4.97 CAD you get a ton of product compared to some other bronzers on the market.  But here it is November and I’m talking bronzer.  I didn’t buy this to use as a bronzer, it’s light enough and has enough sheen to be used as a beautiful highlighter!

When you see this product in the pan, it looks almost looks matte and you would think it’s a finishing powder as opposed to a bronzer, even swatched on the finger it doesn’t look very special, but once blended in it produces the most wonderful subtle shimmer.  I love all the highlighters on the market right now, but realistically they have too much shine for me and as someone with oily skin, I have spent a good amount of time trying to keep my skin looking matte.  Reserve Your Cabana gives me just the right amount of subtle glow.  The product itself is so smooth and soft that you wouldn’t believe for a second that it’s not a high end product and for the price it’s certainly worth trying.