I’ve been eyeing these products for quite some time and thought I hit the jackpot when I went into Shoppers Drug Mart and found them together in a winter holiday set for $17 CAD.  Nuxe makes my very favourite body oil, you can read about it here.

This set comes with the Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm which a costs $17 CAD and  it comes with the Lip Moisturizing Stick that costs $9.00 CAD.  I had already knew the cost of each of these products so I snapped this deal up!

The lip balm has a light citrus sweet scent and is a thick paste consistancy in a glass jar and the moisture stick has a similar lighter scent and comes in a twist up lipstick form.  Rêve de miel is French for honey dream.  Honey is known to have moisturizing benefits, so it’s perfectly suited to be used in a lip balm.

I’ve been using the balm for a night lip treatment, I swirl my finger in the pot and apply to my lips.  It smooths on easily and does not feel like it’s sitting on top of my lips.  It tastes lightly of citrus and has a nice slip to it when I rub my lips together.  I then rub my finger over my cuticles so any remaining balm is not wasted.  This product stays on all night, when I wake up my lips feels moist but not covered in product.  A little bit goes a long way.  This is the best night time lip balm I have ever used.

The moisturizing stick I apply in the morning after brushing my teeth.  I use it as a base for my lip products.  It’s a more lightweight formula than the balm with the same type of properties.  I find myself reaching for it after I’ve eaten a meal because I love the way my lips feel when I’m wearing it.  If this product came tinted, I would be using it instead of lipstick for sure! 

I’m so glad that I have these products now and just like with their oil, Nuxe Paris has impressed me yet again.