I don’t use this product a lot, but I feel like it’s a must have in a makeup collection.  I picked this up at Rexall for under $10 CAD, I can’t remember the price, I usually buy NYX when it’s buy one get one for 50% off.

This product is a soft crayon that once applied is easily blended.  I feel it’s best used as a base to help colours look more vibrant.  Above shows the same shadow colour on its own and on top of Milk.  I have also used it on my water line but it didn’t last very long.  It has creased on my oily lids so I make sure to use a primer and I use it sparingly and it works just fine.  It can really change the look of many shadows, so it’s always fun to play around with.  You will also require sharpener as these pencils do not twist up.  If you are thinking some of your shadows are looking boring, you might need this pencil in your life.