I’ve finally run out of my concealer and had this one waiting to be opened.  I bought it at Walmart for $6.97 CAD in the lightest colour 105 110 Fair.  My previous concealer was Covergirl Fresh Complexion and it was okay. 

This is a lightweight concealer that does not crease on me, but I do use a setting powder after applying.  I use concealer under my eyes to cover darkness and lighten up the area.  This concealer doesn’t cover darkness well but it does make my under eye area look lighter and brighter.  I have some wrinkling in my under eye area and it doesn’t enhance or hide them.  I find that because it’s such a lightweight formula that it can easily be blended away and more application would be needed.

I’m a little disappointed with this product because it feels and performs exactly like the Fresh Complexion concealer I was using.  I would swear they are the same product as shown below.

I was hoping for a little more coverage from this product, but I will use it up.  Looks like I’ll be using it for a long while because I’ve been working on the Fresh Complexion tube for months.  If you don’t need to cover dark circles or blemishes but just want to use concealer as a highlight, this might be a good option.