I have heard a lot of talk about Konjac sponges and when I saw one at Winners for $3.99 CAD, I thought it was a good opportunity to try one out.  The brand on this one is Danielle and has added bamboo charcoal in it which is supposed to detox and protect.  I’m assuming that means my face and not the sponge. 

It’s very lightweight and feels firm until you run it under water and then it expands and becomes soft and squishy but it doesn’t feel like a sponge.  It actually has a fairly smooth almost slippery texture.  I used it with a face wash the first time and smoothing it over my face, it really didn’t feel like it could do anything.  There was absolutely no scratching or friction when using it, but when I was finished, my face had a pinkness like I was scrubbing with something abrasive.  My skin felt very silky smooth afterwards.  It easily rinsed clean after use and it has a little thread attached so you can hang it to dry.  I’ve started using it on it’s own after my cleansing routine in the evening and before I put on make up in the morning.  I don’t know how, but my skin feels smoother after using it.  Online you can find a variety of claims of the benefits you will experience when using a product like this, I’m not sure they are all true.  My own experience is soft silky clean feeling skin, and that’s more than enough to keep me using this product for a long time.