This lip treatment is something I have been using for years now.  I usually get them from the e.l.f. website for about $1.50 US.  I’ve seen them in Canada for $6.  Whenever I get those dry scaly lips that seem to just suddenly happen, I reach for it.

It comes in a lipstick form and is full of sugar chunks.  To use you just apply to the lips and use your finger to massage around and then wipe with a damp cloth.  Some of the chunks are huge, but they just fall away.  There is Shea butter and a variety of oils in it that leave your lips soft and smooth.  It usually does the trick for me in one or two treatments.  Because it’s in a lipstick tube, I find it easy to store with my lipsticks and easy to reach for when I need it.  This product is abrasive, so if you have sensitive lips it might not be right for you but I personally love it.