I found these sheet masks in Aerie for $3.95 each CAD.  Sheet masks can be quite pricey and I knew of the Korean brand TonyMoly so I bought four of them.  I enjoy sheet masks and a there has been a couple I have used previously where I have seen actual but temporary results.  I was excited to give this brand a try!

Sheet masks are made of a fibrous lightweight material and come folded up in a sealed pouch.  When you open the pouch, you have to take the mask out and it will be totally saturated with a serum or gel like product, you unfold and smooth the mask over your face.  Leave it on for however long the instructions say to do so, then take it off and smooth the rest of the product into your skin.

I chose to try the Clear Skin Rice Mask first.  It had a nice floral scent and the mask fit quite nicely on my face.  I left it in for 30 minutes and smoothed the residual product left on my face into my skin.  About an hour later, my face was still tacky and I’ve never had that before with a sheet mask.  I just washed my face with warm water and my skin felt really nice and silky smooth.  This mask claims brightening effects but I did not see any results,  so it was just a relaxing facial treat and that’s OK. 


There are lots of different types of masks in this line and I think the price is really good.  I don’t know if the products live up to their claims but it doesn’t really matter when you get 30 minutes to relax and pamper yourself!